Making Friends

There's been a post asking if anyone is worried about making friends and many people have replied saying that they are worried so I thought I'll tell you my top 5 things you should know when making friends at uni:

  1. Understand everyone is in the same boat

You are not the only one fretting about making friends. There will be people who have moved abroad who don't know a single person in the country and there will be people who are staying in the same city and know lots of people already. Either way, you will all come across new people and want to make more friends so you are most definitely not alone.

2. You will forget names

When you arrive at university, you will come across lots of new people and so ultimately you will forget name. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK WHAT THEIR NAME IS IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN! They most likely forgot yours too. Here are a few ways to ask for their name again if you forget:

"Sorry, how do I pronounce your name again?" - very useful if it is a name you haven't heard before

"Do you have Campus Society/[insert social media] and if so can I add you?" - you'll never forget their name again

"Do you have a nickname?" - if so be sure to ask them if it is okay to call them that

"How do you spell your name?" - Many names have multiple variations of spellings

"I keep on wanting to call you [insert name] but I know that's not right" - A gentle approach

"Sorry, I've forgotten your name, what is it?" - A simple approach

3. Join Clubs and Societies

By joining a club or society, you will meet lots of people with the same/similar interests and what is a better way to make friends than bonding over something you both love!

4.  Try to be open

This isn't the easiest thing for everyone but if you are open, honest and welcoming to new situations then it will help you make new friends. So put yourself out there!

5. Making friends takes time

Don't go expecting to make lots of new friends overnight, making friends takes time and you've got 3 years at university to make friends so don't worry and let life take its course.