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An international student's guide to London.

Here's my guide to getting to know the city of London, from one foreigner to another.

Get Lost.

My first day in London, I headed into the city blindly. Starting from my uni’s campus near Baker Street, I picked a direction and walked in it. At every crossroad, I made a decision: left, right or forward. I went through Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Regents Park and a handful of other places in between, and I would recommend this method to anyone comfortable with it. Walking in London is easy with everything so centrally located, and it’s a wonderful way to find places you might not come across in a guidebook. A word of caution - London is still a busy city, so be wary of being out late on your own.

Eat Your Heart Out.

A wonderful perk of London is the huge selection of diverse cuisine to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and you never know what other places you'll find near to the restaurant. I’ll leave you with two of my favourites, Crosstown Doughnuts and Rosa’s Thai Cafe, but from there, it’s all up to you. Explore old favourites or try something you’ve never eaten before, and I promise you you’ll find something you love in London.

Take Advantage.

Coming from America, I wasn’t used to museums being free. In London, you can take advantage of free entry to places like the National Gallery, The British Museum and The Natural History Museum. Whether you enjoy art, history or science, I guarantee there’s something for you for free in London.

Chill Out

For a metropolitan area, London has a wonderful array of beautiful parks you can visit. Grab a picnic or your favourite book and head out to one of London’s parks for a lovely laid-back afternoon.

Find Your Niche.

While I think it’s most important to explore things you’ve never done before, you may feel most comfortable doing what you know and, in a city like London, I can almost guarantee that you'll be able to find what you love. Whether it’s jazz clubs or theatre, salsa or football, do a little research, and I’m sure you can find a place that has just what you’re looking for.

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