5 months, 2 weeks ago


The news is that there are just seven days until A-Level Results Day.  One week.  Next week.  This time next week, you will know your results and know whether your firm choice or insurance choice has accepted you for your course.  You may then have been spending the rest of the day floating about in a state of happy relief or you may have had to spend the hours since 8 o’clock in the morning checking UCAS for vacancies and phoning university admissions offices to secure a suitable course through clearing.  For some, that work will be continuing and may still take several days or even longer.  Be prepared!  Think now what you will do if you don’t make the requirements for your firm or insurance choices.  Also have a quick think about the choices you made, anyway, and whether you are happy to go with them if you do get the grades – it’s not too late to change and there is even a formal procedure if you want to change because you get better results than expected (Adjust).  Don’t leave it to next week to think about!