1 week, 5 days ago


"I hear a series of drums each one closer than the next. I feel all sense of emotion go away from my body, even control, I become enchanted by the drums; letting them lead me out of my own home. I see black, feel nothing, but I do hear the drums. However I soon begin to feel and hear things like I was breaking the enchantments hold on me, I hear the sea, the wind and footsteps, someone else's footsteps. I felt cold and alone, until I feel myself falling and hitting the surface of the sea. It was then I awoke from the dark trance, regaining all sense of feelings and emotion, as I realise where I was. The sharp chill and salty taste of sea water, the panic and alertness racing through me, the darkness of area. I was at the bottom of the cliff near the beach I could see from my school. After letting that sudden rush of cold past. I swim for the nearest rock and climb onto it, though it could some difficultly. I was soaked to the bone in my PJ's, shivering and scared.

How had I got here? I then see four other people in the waves, but they weren't fighting against the waves, they were letting the waves take them. I didn't know what to think, I was panicking.

The I saw him.

A man drenched and yet floating over the waves near the area where the other people were bobbing. It was weird. His face was emotionless as he stares at the others. Then he whacks something against the cliff. It echoes loudly through the air. I tried to cover my ears while trying to remain of the rock, all with the waves wildly hitting me. The people seemed to jump to attention at the sound and look up at the floating man. He whacked the objects again and the people begin swimming towards the man. And to my disbelief, one by one the people disappeared in the waves and the man simply watched with no expression. All he did was whack the rock and create that loud noise. I heard it twice more by the time all the people were gone from sigh. They had drowned. It was at that moment I realised he had been counting his victims, because he looks right at me with cold eyes. I freeze with my hands still on my ears. He proceeds towards me, walking through the air above the water and I loose it, I jump into the sea and start swimming from rock to stump or stack, heading for the shore. I didn't bother looking behind me, I just kept my gaze ahead of me, at the shoreline.

I gasp as the man steps abruptly down in front of my path and kneels down to where I was holding onto and bobbing in the water. I could see his face, his hair was blonde and clung to his face, while his eyes were cold and blue. He wore a suit under a trench coat, black and he carried a pole or whip. I couldn't see.

"Drown with me" He whispered.

I gasp as he raised the object he was carrying. I didn't wait to find out what he was planning to do with it. I dived under the water and swam past him. I knew my way through this area from whenever my father would take in a boat around the area, so I found the shore quite quickly; despite the strength of the waves. When I arrived on the beach I was dazed and coughing up water, as I slowly recover I heard clanking coming from the side. I looked to see the man from earlier walking along the sand with his weapon dragging at his side, leaving a trail. I get up on a matter of instinct, not caring if I hadn't fully recovered and rush along the beach towards the two or the lifeguard hut. I can't remember which, screaming help. The man never ran, he just stalked, but the clanging got louder. A by-passer then came and questioned what I was doing out at that hour, calling 911 when he noticed the state I was in, by that time the man stalking me had gone. "

The girl finished explaining the doctor, as she sat with her feet close in fear. The doctor had been both recording the meeting and taking notes.

"This obviously accord a week ago now, do you still hear clanging and see the man?" She asks, quietly.

"Sometimes, the clanging starts abruptly at anytime and I hear his voice whispering the same words he spoke to me that night. As for seeing him, well...He appears in nightmares that I have, he either just stares at me or he tries to drown me. But sometimes when I look towards the cliff I fell from, he's there waiting for me" The girl nervously answers.

"What makes you think he's waiting for you?" The doctor questions.

"He's never there when I try to point him out to others and he's always looking out at the sea when I spot him, then he turns to look at me" The girl replies. She didn't like speaking out him, she considered it bad luck.

"I think that enough for today, for may return to class. I'll let you know of anything and you of course will do the same. I apologize for having it during you class" The doctor apologizes.

"Its alright. Have a good day" The girl smiles weakly, getting up and collecting her bag from the floor, before exiting the room.

The girl walks slowly back to class with her vision and mind not focused on anything. She was depressed and unhappy, not to mention completely terrified and paranoid. She gasps at the sound of metal being whacked and seeing water on the floor in a trail, the girl shakes her head in response. 'Its not real' Came her thoughts, as she closes her eyes, hoping it would go away.

"I'm growing impatient with your stubbornness, Little One"

The girl gasps in response, her eyes flashing open in panic, widen, revealing a dark shadow looming over her and someone soaked standing directly in front of her. She raises her head quickly, to find herself staring into the cold blue eyes of the man who haunts her. "No..." She breathes in disbelief.

"Drown with me, or I'll start taking others, slowly and carefully" He speaks with no emotion in his voice.

"Leave me alone" The girls begs with a whimpered cry.

"Drown with me" He repeats.

The school bells goes off, symbolising the end of class and allowing the girl to break hold of the mans gaze, making him vanish into thin air. She stands there panting scared and holding her head lightly. 'Its not real' She whispers, mentally. The girl retreats to the classroom she was taken from for the meeting with her doctor, to get the work she missed. However, as the girl takes her sit next to the window and tries to settle down, she turns to look over her shoulder and out the window, towards the cliffs. She holds her breathe.

He was there.


But he's growing impatient.