The three new artists making waves in Ireland


Photo: Laoise

I often wonder whether it’s possible to decipher whether an artist is Irish or not, without a gurning, moon face Louis Walsh strapped to their side. If the middle-aged man responsible for spawning Jedward hasn’t exclaimed that he ’t’ought they were absolutely fantastic,’ then how can we possibly hope to identify an artist's Irish roots?

Sure, Westlife may not be able to defy the joy they bring, when they’re flying without wings, but if they weren’t famed for it, would we be able to identify their Irish origins?

Both Northern and Southern Ireland grow and nurture extremely gifted musicians – very few of whom are lucky enough to cross over to the UK market. Here are the top three Irish artists you should keep an ear or two out for this year.


Her voice is like the consistency of cotton candy – she sounds like sugary crystals fizzing and melting in your mouth. Laoise is the definition of electro-pop perfection. Her Instagram aesthetic is outrageous and enviable (enquiries have been sent to IKEA as to where to purchase millennial pink bouncy balls) and her most recent single, Bother, is as infectious as the act of bothering itself.

Instagram: @laoisemusic

Dermot Kennedy

It’s rare for someone to be able to articulate raw passion and perform it with the intensity and delicacy it deserves. Dermot Kennedy does just that. He pairs emotive lyrics with dark bass lines, drops and flicks of an acoustic guitar to create songs that make you feel like you’ve read an entire novel in the space of four minutes. Moments Passed is his latest single, but Glory will remain a firm favourite.

Instagram: @dermotkennedy


Ever wondered what the White Queen would sound like if she could sing? Lyra boasts vocal chords so heavenly that you'll be left wondering whether witchcraft really does exist. Her tone has elements of Florence and the Machine but is a lot more gothic. Her stage presence is fairy-like, but make no mistake, her voice carries the weight of a thousand armies.

Instagram: @​thisislyra

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