6 products to make your student life easier

Life as a student is hectic. You’ve got a lot going on at once, and you’re still learning how to boil an egg. So products that make your life simpler are a godsend. I’ve tested some of the products out there that claim to make your life easier. Here's how they did...

For cooking: QuadraPan


The kitchen has always been a source of stress for me as a student. Most student kitchens tend to be light on the equipment, but somehow still manage to be buried in mounds of washing up. Enter: The QuadraPan. You get four different segments so you can cook things all at once but still keep them separate. You can use it to fry vegetables, but I, of course, used it to make a glorious fried breakfast that would normally have needed three frying pans. And it can go in the oven for when you inevitably run out of baking trays to use.

Easy life score: 7/10

For washing up: Dishmatic Washing up brush


While you’re trying to prevent that pile of washing up from getting too high, this might come in handy. The Dishmatic washing-up brush lets you fill up the handle with washing-up liquid, and it seeps through the spongy-scrubby head. I have to be honest and make myself out to be a complete loser, but I love this thing. It’s almost made me excited to do the washing up each night - imagine that.

Easy life score: 9/10

For the techie: YubiKey


I’ve had some of my accounts hacked in the past, and it's the worst feeling, especially if you have work saved on something like Dropbox. The YubiKey works like a super secure two-stage verification system, requiring you to stick it into a USB port on the computer you’re using to log into your accounts. It has worked on all the uni computers I have tried it on, and I have peace of mind that my work is safe. They're actually used by Google and Facebook employees!

Easy life score: 8/10

For the forgetful: TrackR Item finder


I have always thought that there was a gap in the market for modern key finders that are better than those old ones you used to have to whistle at! TrackR uses tiny keyrings that you can track using the app, and they give off an alarm when you're trying to find them around the house. As someone who can never find my keys when I need them the most, it has been amazing!

Easy life score: 7/10

For lectures: Thule Backpack


I have always had exclusively cheap and horrible backpacks for uni; whatever I could get for the cheapest price from the high street. But enough is enough: something with an actual laptop sleeve and padded straps – bliss. The one I tried from Thule had a padded space for my laptop and a special pocket for a power bank for when I needed to charge my phone in lectures (which is always). It’s like night and day with the Primark backpacks that went before.

Easy life score: 8/10

For the cleaning: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


I’m going to get real with you: I love this thing. It’s always a fight to get someone to do the hoovering at uni, so why not outsource the problem? The model I was using - DEEBOT OZMO 610 let you choose when it would start cleaning through an app and will return to its charging station when it’s low on power all by itself. The future is here! I even took it home, but my dog was not impressed with it.

Easy life score: 10/10

Which of these products would you love to have in your life? Comment below with products we've missed out!

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