8 simple ways to fundraise for Sports Relief


This year, sports relief will stretch over a full week. Mark your calendar for 17 Mar 2018 – 23 Mar 2018 – here are some creative ideas to help you to fundraise this year.

10,000 step challenge

This is a great idea for students constantly on the go or students that just don’t have the time to be out doing something to raise money. You can try to incorporate into your day 10,000 steps. You’ll feel fit and healthy for doing it and will impress your friends and family enough for them to sponsor you.

Sponsored run

This is a classic way to raise money. Set yourself a goal of 1k, 5k or even 10k and get your friends and family to sponsor you. If you can organise a run and get lots of people involved – great! Otherwise, you can easily use an app to track your run and share the results. Most apps will record the length and speed of your run and will even have an image of the route.

Dress down day

If you’ve got a part-time job, why not convince everyone at work to wear a silly costume for a one day. You could even try and get everyone to wear a sporty outfit. This way you’ll get everyone at work to donate, and you’ll laugh at work too. This one doesn’t need too much planning or effort, just contact your managers and supervisor and see if they'd be up for it.

Extreme sport challenge

Think you’ve got what it takes? Why not go out and do a bungee jump, or brace yourself for a parachute dive. These terrifying sports will get your blood pumping, and you’ll feel so good about yourself afterwards knowing that you’ve faced one of your fears head-on while also raising money for a good cause.

Set up a swear jar for your classes

Why not let everyone in your classes know that you’ll be raising money for sports relief and set up a swear jar for each class. This is great for smaller seminars and lectures but could still work well for those around you getting involved. You could even set one up in your work too. Who knows, you might raise f@!#ing hundreds.

Shaving your hair

If you want to show people you care, you can organise to have your head shaved or your long hair cut. People will usually be generous enough to sponsor you if you’re doing it for a good cause. You can also give the money raised to sports relief, and as a bonus, the hair you cut off could be donated to another charity.

Host a themed night out

Why not get in contact with one of the local bars and ask to book out a room or some tables? Most places will let you do this for free. You can then invite people you know to dress up in some sports gear and donate for sports relief. People who work at the bar might even donate too.

Sell your stuff

Why not make a Depop or Ebay and sell some of your old clothes or unused items? You can raise money easily this way, and it can be fun showing off your sales skills.

Comment below to let me know what you're planning on doing for Sports Relief this year.

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