Cafe Review: Jungle Jazz Cafe, Manchester


44-48 Oldham Road, Manchester, M4 5EE.

Highly recommended for the decent prices, wholesome food and tip-top atmosphere. Definitely worth the trek out of the usual Northern Quarter.

Ancoats - the modernised little brother of the kitsch Northern Quarter, filled with superstructures, workmen in fluorescent jackets and cars zooming down Oldham Road. If you need a pick-me-up from the cars, crossings and general chaos outside, head over to the quiet Cornell Street, and there, on the corner, sits the quirky Jungle Jazz Cafe, just waiting to be discovered.

The place for sure lives up to its name. Adorning tables or dangling from the ceiling -  wherever you look, you’re blown away by the shower of greenery. A timely shop bell punctuates anyone's arrival into the cafe. With its vintage mirrors and hardy timber-lined interiors and furniture, the cafe is like stepping into a jungle-like oasis of coffee and calm.


The friendly waitress directs me to the chalkboard menu, featuring their all-day breakfast, as well as brunch and lunch. Most of the menu is vegetarian-friendly, with a few vegan options as well. As someone who's lactose-intolerant, I’m happy to see the dairy-free milks are included in the price of drinks.

I opt for a Jungle Jazz porridge with almond milk. She suggests I try the matcha latte, for which I also get almond milk. At £4.00, this is a standard price for a matcha drink, while the porridge at £4.90 is a very reasonable price for the number of toppings it came with (chia, cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds, topped off with a ring of bananas).


While I wait for my order, I wander around the cafe and explore all the neat nooks and crannies. Next to the counter is an entryway leading into another, brighter lit room. Orange fairy lights are glowing on the large plate glass window, offering a view onto the busy road outside, all of which you can enjoy from the comfort of suede-lined booths, wooden chairs or metal bar stools, sitting comfortably in the warm interior. The place is empty on a Friday morning, so I take the opportunity to dig out my camera and snap some cool shots.

Seated at a table for four, just in front of the doorway, I eat and sketch to my heart’s content, all while soaking up the atmosphere and low-fi background music. It’s filling and satisfies my ever-present breakfast craving. The food and tea balance out well, the matcha latte’s slight over sweetness balancing out the plainness of the porridge. Two hours later, I pay for my meal, satisfied in every sense of the way, leaving behind a tinkling shop bell and the promise of return.

As the neon sign clearly says, this place only has good f^cking vibes.

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Value: 3.5/5

Tel: 0161 464 4224

Visit their website here

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