Restaurants that mums love (and why they love them)


No one really knows when Mother’s Day is. Suffocated by flowers and edible Easter eggs, you'll have to rummage past cardboard cutouts of chicks until you finally get to the token gifts thanking your mother for persisting with the cumbersome task of raising you.

You get a slight inkling you’re supposed to be celebrating when Vouchercode starts sending you emails with two for one dinner deals that come with a free glass of prosecco. Adverts class this experience as "spoiling her" when all it really does is get her expensively drunk. Nevertheless, for some reason, chain restaurants are Mothers Day fodder. Mums love them, and I'm here to explain why.


All mums are partial to a plate of risotto, and there’s nothing quite like a Zizzi’s mushroom risotto. It’s healthy(ish) too, so sits comfortably within whatever dieting plan she's test driving at

the moment (probably the Joe Wicks one - and not because of the recipes). Zizzi's interior is also quite fancy – like the designer started on Pinterest and ended up just ripping out a random page from Ideal Home magazine and plastering the walls with it.

Pizza Express

Mum’s love Pizza Express because they know exactly what they’re getting each time. There are no plot twists and no surprise chillis; a dough ball is a dough ball, and they have already accepted the fact that the American is too hot. There’s nothing a mum loves more than security. With her children growing up so fast and fleeing – sorry, flying – the nest, mum must turn to her food for comfort and stability. Enter Pizza Express.


Prezzo is basically Pizza Express but with burgers. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “My mum’s not a burger person! Why does she love Prezzo’s? Conspiracy alert!” Your mum may not be partial to a patty, but Prezzo boasts a tempting dessert and drinks offer that'll seduce her every time.

Jamie’s Italian

Mum’s love to eat at Jamie’s. If they could, they’d eat Jamie. However, his pretentiously portioned plates aren’t the reason for this. Jamie Oliver emits a certain brand of reassurance that only mums find comforting. For everyone else, he will exist as the man who ruined school meals, banned sugar and gets through olive oil at the same rate Mary Berry gets through butter. With his cheeky grin, Essex accent and fumbling muffin hands, Oliver is evidence that anyone can cook when they put their mind to it, and mums love that.

Café Rouge

Café Rouge is like France but also, very not like France. It's much more like Eurocamp, actually, which is why your mum likes it.

Loche Fynne

It's like taking mum abroad to a European harbour or a trip down the coast – taste-wise at least. Loche Fynne is just like going to the seaside, minus the long drive, sand, cobbles and half-naked children scampering about.


It's a curveball, but mums are always claiming they’re up for trying "something different" – and what could be more different than a Wagamama’s seating arrangement? Mums also like to be overly involved in things, and at Waga’s, you can watch your food being cooked from the comfort of your seat. If your mum likes Wagamama’s, then she probably is also the type of person who watches the Dominos delivery process online from begging to end.

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