3 reasons why budgeting ruins your love life


I’ve always been taught to budget from a young age. From the moment my Grandma placed a pound in my plump seven-year-old hand and told me to spend it wisely at the post office (three for two on gummies, anyone?), to when GOV.uk plonked a sizeable sum into my bank account, and I left home for uni.

It’s saved me on multiple occasions and is the reason my window pane is currently stacked with half the amount of wine bottles it should be. However, when it comes to my love life, my attentiveness to what, where and when I spend has not boded well. In fact, it’s done the complete opposite and, on occasion, ruined any chance of romance blossoming before my insecurity and fear of commitment have even been given a chance to do so.

Ad-free sex is the best sex

There’s nothing worse than having sex in silence, and the lord didn’t bless Craig David with a voice as smooth as a Galaxy for no reason. Tap to trap. Rhythm ’n’ Boobs, etc. Spotify premium is a lifesaver when it comes to pre-made sex soundtracks, or putting your favourite album on loop. If you use Spotify and haven’t invested in premium though, that thirty-second interlude of a Just Eat advert can be a real buzz-kill. Especially when you already know exactly what you’re going to be eating tonight.

Cheap pregnancy tests are dodgy

All women should keep track of their period, whether it’s on an app or in their personal diary. When you're late and sexually active, it’s good sense to take a test. That test should ideally be Clear Blue or another trustworthy brand from your local chemist. Do not, I repeat, do not take a one pound test from Poundland – I can guarantee you’ll spend an hour crying over the seat of your toilet, flushing away all potential career prospects because the tacky stick has incorrectly pronounced you with-child.

Cheap dates are few and far between

If like me, you're a London student, you’re kind of limited with the number of date activities that are free. Even after you’ve chosen your thrifty location, TFL won’t have received the memo fast enough, and you’ll have to pay to get there. Alas, there are only so many trips around the V&A you can do, no matter how much of a fashion fanatic you are. Date options are vital when it comes to generating conversation and making memories. A location can influence the way your date reacts; how comfortable and open they are. I’ve learnt to splurge here.

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