Anonymous Student Opinion

The following is a scenario in which two students attend university and this survey is to gauge whether students deem one of the students to be disadvantaged in comparison to the other. Please read the scenario carefully and then answer the following questions honestly:

Student A is someone who would ordinarily be entitled to Housing Benefit. They have applied for a student fee loan and a student maintenance loan from Student Finance England and have since started university. Due to the amount of maintenance loan they are entitled to, they are told that they are not entitled to Housing Benefit. Student A also has the option of working part-time if they so wish.

Student B is also ordinarily entitled to Housing Benefit. Although he is entitled under general law to have a student fee loan or student maintenance loan, he has decided not to take these loans due to a strong conviction (this may be a religious, moral or otherwise personal belief) that it is wrong to do so. Student B took a gap year before starting university, during which time they have earned enough money that they feel they are able to pay for the tuition fees so long as they continue to work part-time whilst studying. Due to not having income from maintenance loans, student B is entitled to Housing Benefit.

At the end of their respective courses, student A will have a debt with additional interest at the rate they agreed with Student Finance England; student B, having not taken a loan, will be debt free.