Top 5 laptops for students


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Laptops are an essential part of student life; whether it's to type in lectures, write essays or watch Netflix, it's tricky to go without one. I asked around Uni for laptop recommendations, so if you are about to start university or if you accidentally threw yours at a wall and broke it during exam season (oops) then here is a list of some of the best for you.

Apple MacBook 12"

You only have to look around a lecture theatre to realise how popular an Apple laptop is amongst students. The 12" MacBook, in particular, is praised for its lightweight design and collection of colours. For those that have grown up with apple laptops it's hard to change brand, but at its eye-watering price – you might potentially want to look at cheaper alternatives.

ASUS VivoBook Flip

At 14" this touchscreen laptop is potentially too large for some people, but with its 8-hour battery life and 360-degree hinge, it is a great laptop to take on the go. It offers a cheaper alternative to the Lenovo Yoga 720 Convertible Laptop which is also popular amongst students. They also sell the ASUS Chromebook Flip C100, which, at just 10.1" is potentially more suited to use on the go.

ASUS C201PA-FD0012 HD Chromebook

This sleek and sophisticated laptop has an 11.6" screen as is just 0.9kg! But these are not the only benefits, at only £199 this laptop is by far the cheapest, great for the student budget, or for the stingy population (myself included). I have this laptop in gold, and I find it slimline and lightweight design makes it perfect for taking into uni. It also has up to 13 hours' worth of battery-life which is great for long seminars with no plug sockets.


The HP ENVY fits into the trend of slim-line laptops and is praised for its fast performance and ability to be used for light gaming as well. There is an option to get a touchscreen version which may help for the more creative degrees, but by all accounts, it just makes the laptop thicker, heavier and more expensive.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

As another cheap laptop at just £349, it is worth thinking if you are prepared to pay as much for the alternatives when there are perfectly good laptops for a fraction of the price. Again, it is sleek and light, although it's smaller than average memory may be lacking for some. But then again what were memory sticks made for?

What's your favourite brand of laptop?