Why every student should have a gratitude journal


Keeping a gratitude journal (i.e. a journal where you write down several things you are grateful for each day) wasn't always something that appealed to me. But, once I started, I thought "Why hadn't I done this before?". Here's why every student should have a gratitude journal:

It helps you remember stuff

For many of us, our life as a student so far will be a blur of messy nights out, working to the deadline and spending far too much money (that we don't always have). By keeping a gratitude journal, you have all those memories banked and written down for future reference - so you'll remember your time at uni a lot better than you thought.

It's fun

It's easy to feel bored at uni when you think about all the reading and assignments you need to do that you've been putting off for way too long (because let's face it, we've all done this!). By keeping a gratitude journal, you can take your mind off the boring stuff and focus your attention on something else for a while.

It builds up your strength

Let's face it, not every day at uni is going to be a good one: what with mounting deadlines, housemate horrors and spending our loans far too early. By keeping a gratitude journal, looking back at the good times will make the bad times not seem so… bad.

It improves self-esteem

From time to time, even the most confident of students will have problems with self-esteem, as adjusting to uni life isn't always easy.

By keeping a gratitude journal, you can be present with your achievements, and you might just stop comparing yourself to others so you can actually celebrate you.

It reduces stress

Uni is stressful, there's no doubt about that, as you have so many things to balance (such as social life, work and spending time with family). By keeping a gratitude journal, you'll focus on feelings of contentment and satisfaction and start to feel better.

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