5 easy (and quiet) library snacks


Nobody likes noisy eaters at the best of the times, so when you're slaving over yet another set of incomprehensible lecture notes, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of some other selfish being enjoying their food. So don't be that person, detested by many, who cracks out a packet of deafening crisps, a rustly chocolate bar or crunchy carrots.


What could be quieter than a food which is basically a liquid? Shove a few spoons in some (leakproof) Tupperware, and you're ready to go. If you're feeling fancy, add some fruit or cereal - as long as it's the quiet kind - and you've got a balanced library snack. Save some dollar by buying a big tub at a time and portioning it out, also a good idea because most pots of yoghurt are miniature and you want to actually feed your big brain. Or if you're feeling lazy, buy some Frubes and chuck a few in your bag.


A classic. Buy a punnet with the intention for it to last you a few days, then proceed to demolish the whole pack in one sitting. The most difficult decision is white or red, and sometimes you'll be lucky enough to be presented with a mixed punnet. They're healthy too, so no need to feel guilty when you reach your hand in only to realise you've finished them. Perfect for mindlessly picking at while you cry over an 8000-word dissertation you've currently only written 100 words for (and that includes your name and the title).


Well, there is a quieter way of snacking, and that's opting for a liquid. Mash up your favourite fruits in that jazzy blender you bought as part of your resolution to become a health guru, and you'll be on your way. You'll look like the master of health as you strut through the library sipping your concoction. You can literally add anything, so it's the perfect way to use up any leftover fruit, especially those overripe bananas which are starting to look sadder than an overlooked puppy at the pound. I'm impartial to a banana peanut butter smoothie, whipped up with some oats and a big glug of soya milk. If you don't have the time, blender or food provisions, then shops offer a plethora of smoothies ready-made for your enjoyment. Overpriced, but definitely worth it... maybe…

Pitta bread and houmous

Carrot sticks and dip are a no go when it comes to quiet snacking. The satisfying crunch isn't welcome in the serene environment of the library, and if the glares you receive don't make that very clear, you're probably not in a library. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your humble houmous, just choose a squishier dipping device - enter, pitta bread. Cut into strips or dunk it whole, you decide, this is a snack packed with carbs and protein, perfect fuel for your 12-hour library sesh.

A block of cheese

Often honoured as one of the nation's favourite foods. Versatile, it comes in a variety of flavours, textures and colours. With such a wide variety of choice, you're sure to find your perfect match, because who needs Tinder if you've got cheese? If trial and error fail, there's probably a BuzzFeed quiz you can take to find out what cheese you are while you sit in the library "studying". An excellent choice of snack, it's silent, satisfying and serious brain food (probably). Take the whole block and you won't even have to worry about food prep.

Now go forth, armed with this information, safe in the knowledge that you will not be the most hated person in the silent room. Munch and be happy that you are a good human being.

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