University or apprenticeship?


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As somebody who has experienced both an apprenticeship and a university degree, it seemed only fitting to compare the two. Although there are pros and cons to both methods of furthering your career, in most cases one will suit you more than the other - I can vouch for that!


If you're a sociable person that enjoys the company of others, I would say that university is definitely the best route for you because from day one you are surrounded by like-minded people (in most instances) who want to have fun but are ultimately working towards a brighter future.

The range of courses available to study at uni is far greater than any apprenticeship can offer, and you will leave with a range of soft skills that can be used in any number of job roles. The possibilities are endless when you finish your degree as you will have a highly regarded qualification that demonstrates your ability to work hard and persevere through stressful situations. With that being said, uni isn't cheap. There are tuition fees and maintenance loans, not to mention the fact that you are essentially forced to look after yourself for 3+ years without the home comforts that you're used to… but it's not all bad because you get to live with your mates and stay up way past bedtime!


There are several benefits of staying at home and undertaking an apprenticeship, one of the most highly regarded is the fact that you can 'earn while you learn'! There are no tuition fees to pay as the Government funds all of those under 25, and although your wage may be low in the long run you will be earning far more than if you worked part-time to pay your way at university - winner!

Regarding courses, although there are constantly new opportunities opening up, the skills acquired will always be job-specific (that's the purpose of apprenticeships!). However, if you are confident in the sector that you want to work in, this won't be an issue, and you will qualify in good stead for further development. Although it is important to bear in mind that some industries will require you to complete a degree, apprenticeships are a great way of getting into more practical trades like engineering, construction and the media.

My apprenticeship allowed me to improve my communication skills, as well as teaching me a thing or two about 'real work'. However, as I approach the end of my three years at university, I can safely say that I have learnt far more about Business and Management than I did when undertaking my apprenticeship post-college. With that being said I don't think I would have been ready for a degree at the meagre age of 18 (but that's just me!)

What are you planning to do?