A complete guide to halls at Salford Uni


It’s getting to that time where everyone has to decide where they’re living in the next academic year. Whether you’re a returning student or you’re just receiving your offers, anyone getting set for a new year at the University of Salford has a big decision to make. If you’re struggling to decide on Salford halls, this guide may help you make a choice!

NOTE: Some of these halls are ‘official’ Salford University halls – they’re run by Campus Living Villages, UoS’s preferred provider. However, the other halls mentioned are still approved by the university. The prices I’ve listed are for the more popular 42-week contracts (which don’t cover the summer holiday). All halls offer 52-week options, with slightly cheaper rent per week.

Bramall Court

Where: Cannon Street (near the Old Pint Pot).

Price: from £93 per week.

Official University halls? No.

Formerly the university’s cheapest official accommodation, Bramall Court has recently been taken over and refurbished by Mears Student Life. The improvements made to the halls bring their quality into line with some of Salford’s newer halls, while the small flat sizes (each housing between two and four students) may be preferable for those not wanting to live with too many people. Bramall’s flats include a shared living space/kitchen, but no en-suites – even in the more expensive deluxe rooms.

You can book now through their website.

John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts

Where: Meyrick Road (between Frederick Road campus and Salford Precinct).

Price: from £94 per week.

Official University halls? Yes.

Twin ex-council tower blocks situated in the centre of Pendleton, Lester and Colman courts offer a range of different room sizes priced from £94 to £115. The flexibility in pricing makes the halls popular with many students, but the lack of living rooms in each flat is an area of criticism from some residents. While JLEC is not the newest accommodation on the list, landlords Campus Living Villages say the more expensive rooms they offer have recently been ‘refreshed’, and ‘modernised’.

Once you have firmed Salford Uni via UCAS, you can apply for JLEC here.


Where: Frederick Road/Seaford Road (behind UoS main campus).

Price: from £94 per week.

Official University halls? No.

A good middle-ground between the budget options and Salford’s more expensive living, Tramways is the cheapest accommodation to offer double en-suite rooms. In addition, Sanctuary Students has recently been refurbishing many rooms – and not charging extra for them, either. Another strong selling point of these halls is that the deposit to book a room is just £1; compare that to the £200-£250 for the others, and you see a big financial advantage to booking here! One of the main downsides of Tramways is that it is one of the furthest halls from the main bus routes; only one bus passes Seaford Road, and it only comes every two hours.

You can apply here.

IQ Student Quarter

Where: Seaford Road (next to Tramways).

Price: from £117 per week.

Official University halls? No.

The most up-market private halls in Salford, IQ’s range of modern rooms offer essentially all the features you’d find at other accommodations. Because IQ is not official uni accommodation, it’s less likely to get booked up by freshers straight away – an ideal option if you haven’t made Salford your firm choice yet but still want a ‘luxury’ option. IQ’s location means it’s a little quieter than on-campus options and less than ten minutes from most uni buildings, but some may prefer to live on-campus for the same price.

You can apply now through their website.

Peel Park Quarter

Where: University of Salford main campus.

Price: from £126 per week.

Official University halls? Yes.

The newest student accommodation in Salford, Peel Park Quarter’s rooms cater for a variety of needs at the high end of the budget. The ‘bronze’ option rooms – for £126 a week – may be a little on the small side for some, but you can get rooms of increasing sizes if you can pay up to £148 per week. The main upside to Peel Park is that having only been built in 2015, every flat is in superb condition, and the communal areas boast a range of features, including free-to-use movie theatres! Since the halls are right on campus, there’s easy access to the SU bar, 24-hour library and swimming pool/sports centre, as well as the main campus buildings. Peel Park definitely feels worth the money if you can afford it – considering the £200 deposit and sizeable rent advance. Interested? Get in quick! PPQ is always the first to sell out completely.

You can apply for PPQ halls here one you have firmed Salford Uni through UCAS.

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