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For every Fresher, the most difficult decision you will make once you have chosen your university is where you will live for your first year. Usually, the only thing you have to go off is the university’s website – which has over-produced images of pristine white buildings and, of course, will only show you the good qualities of each building.

If you choose MMU there are a lot of different halls available to you, some are university buildings, and some are partners of the university – but all have their pros and cons. So here is a list of everything I know about a selection of the halls which will hopefully make your life easier when coming to a decision!

Liberty Central

Previously known as ‘Victoria Halls’, I am slightly biased towards this choice as this is where I lived in my first year of university. I loved my experience here for many reasons and a big contributor to that was how close it was to the university and the SU. You will undoubtedly visit the Student Union a couple of times within your first week, whether it be for Fresher’s fairs or a night out and the fact that it is literally across the road makes these halls so appealing. When it comes to the studying aspect of university life, you get the best feeling in the world – only having to wake up 20 minutes before your lecture starts knowing that you can eat breakfast and be out of the door with enough time to spare to find your lecture hall!

The takeover of Victoria Halls by Liberty Central means the maintenance (which was a little sub-par) has now been improved and there are staff available 24/7 if anything is to break within your halls. Which trust me, it will!

While you may only live four to a flat, the building is small enough that you can make good friends with everyone in your block without being so small that it could be deemed as ‘unsociable’.

The high price of living in halls will be a huge shock to you, but at £127.50 a week, Liberty Central is one of the more reasonably priced at MMU.


Cambridge halls are the best choice if you want to live as cheaply as possible and are not too fussed about high-standard living. With a higher volume of people per flat than Liberty Central, Cambridge offers a more sociable (but sometimes loud) living style.

There is still an option for en-suite rooms if you feel like sharing a communal shower with more than three people is not something you can do, and with 24/7 maintenance staff, any problems you have can be solved straight away.

The biggest selling point for Cambridge (apart from being the cheapest hall) is the proximity to the university, even closer still than Liberty Central; the Business School and Geoffroy Manton buildings are literally at the end of the road so you can sleep for even longer, and what student doesn’t want that?

At £106 per week, Cambridge halls are a steal, but you do sacrifice a little bit of privacy in the meantime.


Known as the ‘social halls’ Cavendish is the place to live if you want the true university experience of living in halls. You will hardly ever sleep, you will probably live in a complete mess, and your bin will be surrounded by boxes from Babylon or Pizza Co., depending on your preference (and you will have one).

Cavendish has been newly renovated, and the standard of living has increased massively insert pristine white kitchen image here, so you must no longer worry about padlocking your food cupboards, and freezer draws!

Being based a stone's throw away from Cambridge means you will no doubt make friends with people from both halls, which means more flat parties, and a happier student, right?

At only £113 a week, Cavendish offers the ultimate first-year experience that any student who wants to consume more alcohol than their liver can handle, will love.


Birley is the choice for those who require a higher standard of living - all bedrooms are en-suite, and there is even the option to live in their ‘Townhouse’ accommodation which caters for only two people per flat!

When viewing Birley on the MMU website, this is where you see all the artsy photos of people’s toy camper vans on their shelves with a pinpoint focus and blurred background. However, they do offer you a ¾ bed as opposed to a double, so if a few extra inches float your boat, this is the one for you.

At £133 a week, Birley is the most expensive hall that MMU has to offer, but if a high-standard living arrangement if what you need, Birley has you covered.

Daisy Bank

Unfortunately, Daisy Bank is the furthest away from campus out of all the halls, meaning you need to get a bus to and from the university. However, MMU provides you with a free student bus pass which means you don’t have to splurge on a taxi after a night out when you’re too drunk to walk home!

At £109 a week, Daisy Bank is a good alternative if you want cheap living and to live a slightly quieter student life - maybe you don’t want to go out and get drunk every night or be kept up until the early hours of the morning with rowdiness.

Whichever hall you choose to live in, you will no doubt visit others and make friends from all over campus. MMU asks you to fill out a little form when applying for your hall so they can ensure they put you with the best people possible.

The main thing is to make sure you get the experience you want, no matter when you choose to live!

Photo: MMU

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