Restaurant review: Beirut Lebanese, Manchester


After a hardcore library session on Saturday, my friend and I came to the conclusion that we deserved a break. With all the usual curry places being full to bursting, we head over to the comparatively empty Lebanese restaurant, Beirut, down on the Curry Mile.

The place isn’t very crowded despite it being a Saturday night. A placard on each table advising against food wastage, along with a £3 surplus charge for any excess food, earns approval in our books. Menus are brought over, and we scan the lists. With a range of prices, Beirut is good for both the student looking for homely food, as well as your parents if you’re looking to eat a good family meal together.

The complimentary bread - which may or may not have been so tasty because it was free - is offered with olives and a tomato-based dip. We both order a Palestinian chicken maqloobeh (upside down rice), accompanied with fresh salad and mint yoghurt. The portion is well sized - there seems to be more chicken than rice, but this is a standard, my friend assures me. At £11.99, the dish sits more on the expensive end of the scale, but if you’re looking for something homecooked, this may just be for you.

The ambience is perhaps what makes the place slightly lacklustre. As well as being a little too cold, we are the only customers apart from a large group, who made it too loud and difficult to talk without repeating yourself. The waiters were left dithering around us with little to do as no other customers appear to show up after 8 pm.

Worth trying for the food, perhaps you might want to give the dine-in experience a miss and instead stick to Deliveroo. A night in doesn’t always have to be so bad.

Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Value: 3/5

34-36 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M14 5TQ.

0161 225 0763

Visit their website.

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