A complete guide to Leeds University Halls

Everything you need to know about first-year accommodation at Leeds


Montague Burton

While only a short walk away from campus, Monty B is up a very steep hill, so be prepared for some tired legs. There’s limited parking, but it is secure and has a friendly community feel to it. However, quite a few of the rooms are old-fashioned – even if they don’t show them in the pictures. Monty B has a good atmosphere to it, it’s close to some local shops, and it’s handy for pre-drinks before going to Fruity.


Based in Headingley, it’s further away from campus than most of the other accommodation Leeds has to offer – but it’s only £93 a week. Because you’re in Headingley, there are plenty of shops, cafes and bars and there are plenty of buses to get you to and from uni if you don’t fancy the walk. Parking is extremely limited though, and you have to apply for a permit first.


Oxley is quite far away from campus too, and up to a 20-minute walk away from the local shops, restaurants and bars. But it’s in a spacious area where you can grow your own vegetables (if you’re into that) and it also has a bar.

Central Village

One of the closest accommodations to campus and also close to the city centre, it’s in the perfect place. There’s a Tesco 20 seconds away and also a coffee shop. The common room is spacious, and it’s popular for pre-drinks and party hosting. It’s known for being sociable and loud.


Right next to Central Village, CitySide is also perfectly placed, and it’s also only recently built. There’s an onsite gym, a great common area and reception. The only issue is that it’s very expensive - £142 - £146 per week, and from experience, I can tell you this can be quite the drain on your finances.

Devonshire Hall (pictured)

Known for its beauty, Devonshire Hall is in an imposing area and converted from Victorian mansion houses – so while pretty, it’s old too. However, a lot of the rooms are en-suite or have shared bathrooms, so there’s an upside too. The campus is a 10-minute walk away, so not as far away as some of the other accommodation on offer.

Henry Price

Henry Price overlooks Woodhouse Moor, the popular and central park in Hyde Park. It’s the only self-catered residence on offer at Leeds and has access to all of the university facilities, but also the student area of Hyde Park for bars, pubs and nights out.

James Baillie

Like Devonshire Hall, James Baillie is halfway between campus and Headingley and also has a nature reserve for picturesque walks if you need some peace and quiet. The parking is really limited though, and it can sometimes be an arduous walk to campus depending on which direction you’re living.


Colourful but ugly, Leodis is pretty close to campus but is near to Montague Burton, and so you’ll be trudging up the same steep hill every day. It’s one of the largest student residences Leeds has to offer, and so is known for being sociable and friendly.

Liberty Dock

Located next to the River Aire the scenery is lovely, but don’t let that fool you. It’s the furthest accommodation from campus, and while it’s a short walk into the city centre, that means it can be easily over 30 minutes to get onto campus, let alone to where your lecture is. Because it’s close to the city centre, it has all of the amenities you can imagine: shops, bars, clubs and it even has a café and gym.

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Photo: The University of Leeds

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