What accomodation is everyone aiming for? I am really undecided between Connies and Wickham halls.

🏘Wickham Halls: 4.5k for an ensuite room with six other students and shared kitchen. Very cosy.

🏘Connies: a room on a floor with many, many students, six shared kitchens and 12 shared bathrooms for 3.5k. An inhouse cleaning team come in everyday too. Known as "the party floor" and the accomodation officer recommended connies because they have less problems between students, due to the size.

🚽🚿🛁I want my own bathroom but when it is a difference of a grand? The maintenance loan doesnt even cover Wickham for the year. Both are only for 33 weeks of the year rather than 52 too. Connies seems a lot cheaper, more social and you dont have to buy cleaning products/toilet roll for the bathrooms because cleaners cover it. 🤔🤔