There's a DNA test to help you find compatible housemates for your next flatshare


#tyro #DIGS #DNA #flatmates #flat #flatshare is championing the first DNA-matched flatshares. It's offering house hunters the chance to participate in an experiment that will swab your DNA to find you a new BFF (bare funky flat and/ or best friend forever).

Universities normally offer student accommodation either on campus or through a partnership with a student halls agency. But an alternative for the student is through

While the site could guarantee you a room, it was equally unable to pre-determine your compatibility with your flatmates. Until now.

According to Swiss science geniuses at Karmagenes, your DNA influences as much as 60% of your personality traits, which means that, yes, you most definitely do talk as much as your mum.

First DNA dating apps and now DNA house hunting - is it just me or is it all getting a bit Black Mirror in here?

Either way, if your keen to participate and discover the rare people on earth who pee with the door shut, you can apply online until 18 March.'s experiment is limited to merely 15 participants and is only a trial run - a First Dates for First Rates.

Extrovert or introvert? Early riser or night owl? Like chlamydia, you're just a swab away from finding out.

Would you try it?