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The glamorous world of espionage hit Salisbury on Sunday when a Russian ex-spy and his daughter were poisoned. Salisbury Hospital A&E shut down for several hours when it was determined that the substance was a nerve-agent and could affect others besides those targeted. 180 troops have been deployed today to remove vehicles and objects from the scene.

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Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 finally landed on Netflix yesterday after two years away - and what better way to commemorate International Women's Day?

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It was International Women's Day yesterday, and Brewdog decided to jump on it to market their new Pink IPA. It's the same product as their Punk IPA, just with a pink label with 'FOR GIRLS' stamped across it. It's meant to be sarcastic, they say, to outline the gender pay gap issues. But they've still released a pink beer specifically 'for girls', demonstrating how they really don't understand the point they say they're trying to make. Their intention was good, but their delivery failed.

Photo: Brewdog

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