Mary Shelley: Defining Humanity

Picture the scene: It's late, dark and stormy. Somewhere far from here, Victor Frankenstein has finished putting together the pieces of his creation and with the smallest flicker of a yellow eye, he has done it - he has conquered the mystery of human life! What follows is the infamous tale known to all of us, the rampage of misery, rejection, and monstrosity Mary Shelley pieced together as her own experiment. This story and the questions it prompts are still prevalent today, 200 years on, everywhere from pop culture to scientific studies of the human mind. There is something which remains still so compelling about the mystery of creating and controlling life, whether that be in playing God with the corporeal or defying what is regarded as 'natural' mortality. In the absence of real answers to these questions, there is space for the imagination to take over and to fill in those blanks the way humankind knows best: Sharing stories.


This is a short extract from a piece I am working on at the moment in celebration of the incredibly inspiring Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. It's time the amazing women of the literary canon had more focus in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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