Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Have you ever felt like you're living the same day over and over again?

Well, that is exactly the case for Tree Gelbam in the 2017 film Happy Death Day, as she must relive the day she is murdered over and over again...until she finds out who killed her...

Though it was released last year, I only got round to watching it over the weekend and- let me tell you- I'm glad I did.

It might be a familiar concept, with films like Groundhog Day and the Final Destination franchise existing, but I enjoyed this just the same.

Here's why you'll enjoy it, too:

The characters

Films like this one need to have a strong lead- one that you actually might feel sorry for when they (inevitably) die. At first, I won't lie, I wasn't sure about Jessica Rothe's Tree- she seemed like the kind of character who'd rub shoulders with the best (and worst) on the Upper East Side (I sound like I know about Gossip Girl when, in reality, I've not finished Season 1). She was pretty entitled, mean and the typical 'Mean Girl' stereotype American movies eat up.

Then, as the film continued, I learnt that Tree actually had depth. She had a story that goes beyond being the girl who gets too drunk and wakes up in the room of Carter- someone she doesn't remember or necessarily care about.

Then there were other characters. Like I say, you had Carter- the nerdy 'nice guy' who gets himself involved with Tree (and her murder). Aside from finding him pretty attractive, I wasn't sure what he'd offer to the film but- like with Tree- I found that he was actually pretty important in the development of Tree's character and the story itself. There was Lori, Tree's roommate and Gregory- Tree's professor and lover. Both characters, in their own ways, developed the story in some way (I'm obviously not going to reveal how because you don't want a SPOILER ALERT).

The story

Like I said, it was another of the Groundhog Day esque film. That being said, it actually had a story to it.

It was part-romance, part-murder-mystery, part-comedy set against the backdrop of an American university.

So, you know, something for everyone.


I'm a hopeless (emphasis on the 'hopeless' part these days!) romantic so, more than likely, I'll look for romance in whatever film I can. I'm not saying every film needs a romance plot to make it work, because it doesn't, but it was nice that this film did.

To summarise

Though it's not a new concept for a movie, thanks to the cast, the story and the romantic elements, this feels new. Unlike many of these kind of films, the story had character, humour and something real to it.

Plus, the feeling that you'd reached the end...and then you hadn't was perfect for re-evaluating what you'd seen and coming to whatever conclusion.

It'll make you look at birthdays (and babies) in a completely different way!