The craziest things we saw on social media in Leeds during the blizzards


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The Beast from the East hit Leeds hard. People were skiing and snowboarding into uni from Hyde Park because it was that icy across Woodhouse Moor. By the end of the week, it almost became commonplace to see people with similar equipment than without it.

Some people were wearing thin trainers to walk through ten inches of snow across the park. The snow might not have been expected to fall quite so heavily, but surely it would have been better to wear something a little more substantial, so they didn’t get frostbite on their toes?

Massive snowmen were wearing bras and nothing else. There were perhaps three huge snowmen on Woodhouse Moor that must have taken hours to build. If snowmen had to adapt to human societal norms and wear clothes, they might have struggled in a solitary frilly bra.

Tutors were giving out snow days like they were 2:2s – Twitter was rife with complaints and celebrations from students whose tutors had emailed about cancellations. When combined with the lecturer strikes currently plaguing Leeds, students practically haven’t been to university for weeks.