School Gigs "18

It's been a long while since I've posted again and if honest it's mostly due to laziness this time around, plus I've had a few deadlines to panic about such as a 1500-2500 word report on Synthesis and Sampling which had to be in last week. At least that's out of the way now. In comparison, it feels like the next two weeks are going to be a bit of a holiday. School Gigs are always fantastic, we started our tour today. It can be a lot of hard work setting up, tearing everything down to do it all over again the next day, but it's the reception is always extremely rewarding. We play at a lot of Special schools as well as regular junior schools and their response is just so genuine and loving. One of the students I work with summed up todays on stage experience very well, "As soon as you're on stage, you feel like a million dollars." The kids really love it. I've played school gigs many times now, so much I'm starting to lose count. Is this my fourth or fifth?

As much as I know, I'm going to enjoy this little tour. I still have other bits of work that I can't really finish while this happens. Things I ned to do whilst sat at Mac. I finally brought Logic last month, as I gave up going in during half term. That certainly saved me some fuel! ...Somewhere, yet stung the purse of £199.99. It took a couple of days for everything to download and instal with my internet speeds, but now I'm all set. The only thing my little studio is missing these days are some proper monitors and I'm in tow minds whether or not to buy them or some monitoring headphones. Anyway, I still have my Realise project to finish off which is sort of flailing at the moment. I know what I'm doing, or need to do (I think). Most of the uncertaincy comes from it mostly being unfinished. I've got a lot of work to complete over the next couple of weeks to be able to pull this together successfully. A bit of filming, editing and recording some bass. Realistically, I need to set goals for each week now so the workload doesn't become unmanageable as we're about to rehearse everything.

It doesn't help that I'm still a stressy mess about Uni choices... yet more decisions to make! UoD seems to be my favourite option at the moment and I've booked an "Applicant Day" to see what its like. The have the same Gold award so, I'm hoping they're basically as good as DMU just closer. I might be looking into Huddersfield too, but I don't think I'll have time to view properly at this stage. At least confetti is still an option. I have a day to myself tomorrow and most of it will be spent catching up with my project. In the morning, I'll be doing something a little more unusual (for me) first. I'm finally going to apply for a passport. Mostly because I've been asked to help out in Spain this year by my old tutor Kirsty and you know what? Yeah, I quite fancy that. Something a bit ridiculous (again, for me). I've never been abroad so surely there's no better time while I'm still twenty-three.

No doubt, I'll post more updates on school gigs once its all over. It can a challenging time but it really is so rewarding. Remembering last year, AS couldn't thank me enough last year for all the help, no doubt I'll get the same thanks again, hopefully including chocolate.