I think I’ve learnt a lot about my experience from being catfished by someone with whom I thought I was in a committed relationship with. After a lot of tears and pain and sadness that came from it, what came next was something I didn’t really expect. As a person I feel stronger, as a person I feel more confident with myself who for I am and there is someone who’ll genuinely care and love me for who I am, as a meme loving, roasting weirdo haha 😂 I think it’s important for all of us to remember that no matter how much pain someone can inflict on us, that pain is never forever and that from great pain comes great strength in the end. Stay positive and chin up cause life’s all about moving on from the past, don’t get left behind, move forward and be a better you. Someone will see that about me and care and love me for who I am and say the same will happen to you.