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Have you got everything you need for uni yet?!

At Complete Student we have everything you need AND you can get it delivered to your flat!

With three different packs (Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom) you can find everything you need and even buy the whole lot in a REDUCED PRICE BUNDLE!

Kitchen Pack:


2 x Frying Pan

2 x Sauce Pan

1 x Dish Cloth

3 x Food Container

1 x Dinner Plate

1 x Side Plate

1 x Cereal Bowl

1 x Fork

1 x Teaspoon

1 x Spoon

1 x Knife

1 x Strainer

1 x Cheese Grater

1 x Baking Tray

1 x Oven Glove

1 x Bottle Opener

1 x Kitchen Scissors

2 x Kitchen Knives

1 x Peeler

1 x Can Opener

1 x Oven Mitt

6 x Cooking Essential Tools

1 x Salt and Pepper Shaker

1 x Mug

3 x Glasses

Bedroom Pack:


1 x Duvet

1 x Pillow

1 x Mattress Protector

1 x Mattress Cover

1 x Duvet Cover

1 x Pillowcase

1 x Laundry Basket

10 x Coat Hangers

1 x 4-Way Extension Cable

1 x Door Hanging Hook

1 x Metal Waste Paper Bin

Bathroom Pack:


1 x Face Cloth (400 GSM)

1 x Hand Towel (400 GSM)

1 x Bath Towel (400 GSM)

3 x Bathroom Pots

1 x Mirror

1 x Soap tray

1 x Shower pot

1 x Toilet Brush with Holder