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Must Watch Psychology films -I was inspired by a post I read about films for people interested in psychology and considering that I am currently studying it, I also can’t help but expand my research by watching films with insights on the mind, psychopathology and personality etc. So here, I have some suggestions of films that are psych-related and also brilliantly made, that is worth sitting on the couch with a popcorn! 📺 🍿🎞🛋

>Fathers and Daughters

Tear-jerker ALERT
Strong bonds such as those of a child and their parent transcends, not only through time, but also to whatever circumstances that may face them. The best legacy any person can leave in this world is their child and that is why no amount of fame and success can fill the void of loss.

>A dangerous method

Calling out all Jungians and Freudians (like me).
Mentally disturbed or psychologically dysfunctional, whatever madness you may call it - what’s important is how people in the past attempted to cure them. Plus, if you want to get caught up with all the mumbo jumbo between two psychoanalysts that were famous in the field of Psychology during the 19th century then this is the film to enlighten you.

>The Silence of the Lambs

Since Halloween is upon us, you might as well add this on your Thriller list!
Villains can be Doctors. Hannibal Lecter shrouds everyone with his mysterious personality and particularly a top of the class agent, who does her investigation to find the person behind the gruesome killings.

>Sixth Sense

From the director (M.Night Shyamalan) who brought you the film SPLIT- here’s another one of his works that will surely leave you stunned.
Psychologist played by Bruce Willis, uncovers a child’s supernatural ability that brings into question the objectivity of his method when he himself stumble upon an unexplainable phenomenon.

>Brain on fire

When you think you’re already living the perfect life- like working in New York, being independent, having a boyfriend and most importantly getting the job you dreamed of- what else can go wrong?
True to life story of a New York Post journalist who struggled to live her normal life when she suddenly gets plagued by seizures and symptoms of an unknown disease that drags her to insanity.