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Things I'm SO glad I brought to uni with me...

Before starting my first year, I sat there with my mum and wrote a check list. A checklist of L I T E R A L L Y EVERYTHING I could've needed whilst staying in halls for a year. From cutlery to notebooks, loo roll to clothes hangers...you name it, me and my mum had it listed.
But there were a few things that I never really thought would be so important to me...

1. Map Pins Boy, am I glad my mum ordered 200 map pins off amazon for £2.99? Almost every uni room has a memo board, but I thought I'd just use good old blue tack...Na, doesn't work. You need map pins to stick up those pictures of family and friends, trust me.

2. Plasters Creds to my Mum for this one. She snuck a few plasters into my first aid kit (an OBVIOUS essential), and I am so thankful that she did. What else are you going to do when your student loan comes into your bank account and you can finally afford those trainers you've been wanting? (
Shhh, I never said that). Really though, a new pair of trainers are almost always guaranteed to give you blisters until you wear them in!!

3. Plastic fridge/microwaveable food storage boxes

These are a must have particularly if you have a greedy housemate who likes to steal your left overs. It's okay to write your name on them in Sharpie! ... or something along the lines of: "DO NOT EAT MY F?@&?! FOOD".

4. A padlock

Nope, me too. I didn't exactly expect a padlock to be on the list of essentials. I mean, it's not like I can't trust my flat mates, right?
Of course you can, or you should be able to. You are living with them for a year. BUT, you never know who has access to your room. I'm not saying that you can't trust people who work for your uni, no no no. But if it makes you feel safer knowing your food or your gadgets are locked up and away from thieves, then hell yeah, use that padlock!
Hope this helps guys. Be sure to add these items to your list. You can thank me later!