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An amazing day with a great trip in France, in Alps. Here began my trip in France, how you can see there is the village where I stayed for few days. After I started the trip from village I looked back and I told to myself that I must take a picture at this amazing view, the phone didn't helped me too much with clarity, bit it look pretty good in my opinion. Continuing my trip, climbing a little bit I arrived at this road with amazing view, when I saw the road I imagined me in my car driving and enjoying the view, I guess every driver would like to have a ride on this road.
We continued walking on this road until we saw another little road in forest and we decided to walk on that one. This one bring us to the that river that I posted earlier. #SummerBloggin #trip #wallking #NatureBeauty #love #amazingviews #Alps 1502452662227.jpg