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The New Craze: UV Tattoos


Since tattoos were first ever created (back in Ancient Egyptian times when "medical tattooing” practices were the thing), we as human beings have become vastly more creative, and more skillful with the designs and patterns that we turn into body art, but have you seen what we're all wanting next??? UV Tattoos.
UV tattoos (or blacklight tattoos) are forms of body art made with dyes that fluoresce visibly under an ultraviolet light. They have found popularity either with a) people seeking subtler tattoos, or b) young people who can be found in the raver subculture (due to their distinctive/UV party-like-appearance).
You may of seen them before, as they've been around for a while...however an increased number of people are only just getting them now, after believing they are safe enough for us to have. Many people were put off the idea of having a UV tattoo, due to the fact that the United States *FDA hadn't "approved" the ultraviolet infested ink. Any claims made that UV tattoo ink is "FDA Approved" when used for tattooing humans were fraudulent and confused by the fact some UV tattoo inks actually have been approved by the FDA for food-related purposes such as marking food animals like fish and pigs. However, people have now realised that infact, the FDA haven't even approved of many tattoo inks, even ones that high end tattoo artists use, as they havent got "traditionally regulated" inks or pigments used in them anyway.
What do you think? Would you get one? Or do you like them at least????


*US Food and Drug Administration
(instagram photo from ​tukoi)