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The best pub crawls in Brighton.

When organising a pub crawl, you have one of two options. You either find a handy link to a pre-planned ticketed crawl or create your own, tailored event. So with that in mind, I present you with the On The Rocks bar crawl along with my own suggestions as a drunken second-year student at Brighton Uni.

On the Rocks is one of the most popular ticketed bar crawl around Brighton. With this kind of organised bar crawl, you gain a sense of comradery as you march along in your matching t-shirts and smugly jump the queue where you go (definitely a pro!). You also get the added benefit of discount drinks, free shots and a professional photographer to catch you at both your best and your worst throughout the night. A ticketed crawl is ideal for anyone who is just visiting for the weekend or does not know the area well as you are given a guided tour of the best venues in Brighton and shown all the best places to be! For a seasoned student-drinker such as myself, I would probably only go on a guided pub crawl if a tourist or for a special occasion, but I think it's definitely something to try out at least once - especially if you’re new to the area and want to find some drinking buddies.

Go here for more information and tickets.

Now, for my own suggestions. Should you choose to trust my judgements, it must be noted that I am a fan of the bizarre and the gimmicky when drunk. Find me a dive bar with oddly named drinks and a sporadic kind of clientele, and I’m yours! The ideal pub crawl should start at mid-day if you wish to get that out-of-body-experience type of drunk - which I will presume you do.

So, in the following order, this is the ultimate pub crawl in Brighton.

The King and Queen

Head here for a spot of lunch and a gentle starter of cider. The King and Queen is an traditional style pub, with a huge interior and Tudor-esque furniture. Old meets new in this pub, as despite the décor, there are also multiple televisions screens and projections that show the latest football/rugby games as a little background entertainment. For the food, a personal favourite of mine is the sausage, cheese and Worcester sauce toastie with a side of curly fries – utterly delicious and perfect for preparing your stomach for the poison you are about to fill it with. Also, they serve Strongbow dark fruits which I sometimes struggle to find in Brighton pubs - an added bonus.


After a couple of pints, I suggest a merry little walk down to the Hobgoblin. This pub holds a special place in my heart, and I have written about it before as an ideal date hotspot because it strikes the right balance between indie-hipster and a good old-fashioned pub. With its sticky floors and wobbly stalls, The Hobgoblin is the perfect place to transition the drinking from day to night. I strongly recommend the £1.99 vodka slushies and 99p flavoured shots as a fun little way to get yourself completely trollied.

The Victory Inn

Once you’ve had your fill of fruity concoctions, you should then head to The Victory Inn. Now, the drinks here are the standard alongside an ever-changing selection of locally brewed ales, but what makes this pub so important is the quiz machine. Now that you will be sufficiently tipsy, it's the perfect chance to tackle a quiz - specifically a pub quiz. As you gather around the worn machine, you will attract the attention of stray drunks, wandering in from all walks of life, ready to feed you niche but useful answers. The quiz machine is the perfect activity as you can not only gain new friends but maybe even win a few quid. Just make sure you don’t give them your number, trust me.

The Font

The last destination on this modest but sufficient pub crawl is The Font. Located in the lanes, it's the perfect solution to finding the club vibe without having to commit yourself to actually going to a club or paying an entrance fee. Think Weatherspoon’s but with banging, current music and fewer down-and-outs. The Font is the perfect place for a day to night pub crawl - you don’t have to be dressed up, and sitting down to prevent a drunken black out or chunder isn't frowned upon (as you can easily disguise it as an admiration for their plush, booths and seated areas).

So, grab your friends, find a pub and get crawling!

Where are your favourite places to enjoy on a pub crawl of Brighton? Let me know in the comments.

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