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A round-up of Leeds' best Halloween events

Halloween's coming around, which means every club in Leeds will be vying for your attention (and money). It can often be hard to tell the good nights from the bad, especially if you're a fresher, so here's where you should go.

Regression Sessions @​​ Canal Mills, October 31st

Traditionally always on October 31st (as opposed to the closest weekend), Regression is worth the pain the next morning if Halloween night precedes a 9 am seminar. I speak from experience. I can also confirm that the trek (read: £6 taxi as you definitely won't be walking) to Canal Mills is also so worth it. With ball pits, crazy decor, and feel good tunes, be sure to dress up and head out to Regression Sessions, as most people will be there. Tickets at present are £15 but will doubtless be going up to £20 sometime soon, so act quick.

Applebum @​​ Church, October 31st

Another Halloween night option, Applebum is a Leeds staple, this time held in the apt, Halloween-esque venue of Church - spooky. Guaranteed to be heaving, this event WILL sell out, so I'd grab a ticket now if I were you. Hip-hop and RnB in a converted church with everyone in fancy dress? What's not to love? Tickets are now on final release at £15, so buy now to avoid disappointment.

Flux ​@ Beaver Works, October 31st

Another Halloween night choice, Flux is actually sold out - but don't let that stop you from looking for a ticket from other sellers. Flux, another staple of the Leeds nightlife scene, is loved by all - frequented by DJs such as Reuben and Jeremy Underground, there's bound to be a room you enjoy with such an eclectic mix. Beaver Works is home to some of Leeds' edgiest dressers at the best of times, so you really can afford to go all out with your costume if you're heading to Flux.

Triple Cooked: Disco of the Dead @​​ Church, October 27th

A weekend option for those weaklings out there, Church is the perfect venue for Halloween, so I'm glad it's being put to good use. Triple Cooked's disco mixes are quickly becoming a fave of Leeds' students, so this event is guaranteed to go off - it sold out within days of its release. But again, don't be scared to look for tickets or keep an eye out for some final FINAL release ones nearer the time. Basically on campus with great vibes, any event at Church is not to be missed - especially for Halloween.

Boombox Circus @​ Beaver Works, October 28th

With similar vibes to Flux but a little more intense, Boombox Circus is another favourite of us here in Leeds. Intense beats in the fitting venue of Beaver Works, Boombox Circus at Halloween is surely going to go off. Not for the fainthearted or those who prefer cheesy charts stuff, Boombox Circus is perhaps an acquired taste. But if you think it might be up your street, this would definitely be one to check out for Halloween. Ticket prices peak at £13, so buy now to avoid paying more later.

Hallomeme Party @​ Belgrave, October 28th

This is something a little different. As you may have guessed, this isn't exactly a club night (it's not even in a club), but it still looks like it's set to be a great night. Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen is arguably the most 'Leeds' place of them all, with chilled out, effortlessly 'edgy' vibes all around. A music venue and canteen all in one, Belgrave is a different choice for a Halloween party, but we'll roll with it.

And if you're strapped for costume ideas, the clue here is in the name: go as a meme. Whether you go as the 'howbowdah' girl or a classic Kermit, be sure to cop a slice of Dough Boys pizza - it's arguably the best pizza in Leeds. Plus, there's free entry, so you have no excuse.

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