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Going Sober for October in Preston.

There are so many reasons to go Sober in October: you’ve severely damaged your liver in September and will continue to during the festive season, you're unable to afford food otherwise, and to raise money for Macmillan cancer support. All good reasons (some vital, some selfless), but how?

Expand your horizons

If you spend all your time before, after, and in between (and maybe during) lectures in the SU bar, why not take a trip next door to the mini-Starbucks? They have pool tables and strawberry and cream frappes, so you’ll forget about your cider and black cravings in no time.

Try something new with your friends

Instead of meeting at the pub, organise a group outing at Preston’s escape room, MFA bowl, or the Board Game café.

Join a Society

If your pals aren’t keen on going sober with you, why not make some new ones? It’s never too late to join one of UCLan’s many societies, and it means you don’t have to miss out on the social aspect of drinking. Societies don't come with the same pressure to drink that you get with Sports Clubs, and you may even pick up a new hobby.


The SU has plenty on offer to distract you from 2-4-1 cocktails, whether volunteering for their Through the Ages project or lending a hand at the Secret Garden, there’s a bunch of productive things you can get on with.

Visit the library every once in a while…

UCLan’s library is open 24/7 and, believe it or not, a pretty good place to revise for exams, or smash out an essay, so maybe spend some time in there during the week.

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