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How to Go Sober for October in Birmingham

'Go Sober for October' is the perfect opportunity to give your poor liver a bit of a break and is a chance to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support. There’s really no reason to not give it a go, but I know most student's lives are filled with drinking, so the prospect of going an entire 31 days without booze can be a daunting one. Luckily for you here are the best places in Birmingham that will ensure you can stay sober (and sane) for the month.


Okay, it's been a few days, and you’re thinking you’ve got this sober thing down, but then you find out all your friends are off for some delicious cocktails in town. You think you only have two choices: either to sit this one out and be sat thinking all evening about the fun your friends are having, or to break your sober October. But I’ve got your back, and I’m not going to let either of those happen. So instead here are two of the best cocktail bars that handily do mocktails, so you can still go out with your friends but stay perfectly sober as well. So you may not have the, erm, 'joy', of falling up the stairs at night, but you will have the joy of a delicious tasting mocktail.

Island Bar: This little bar allows you to enjoy a delicious mocktail in a tropical paradise. You would have thought you were sunning yourself in the Caribbean, not drinking in a bar in Birmingham. This lovely little bar offers five different mocktails for you to enjoy. It also includes something for everyone with their fresh 'Mintberry Crunch' with berries and mint, and 'Greenery' with cucumber and fresh ginger. The fruity 'Red Berry Burst' is filled with raspberries and cranberries and 'Letter 23' with strawberry puree and fresh apple, and the creamy Fresh From The Tropics with pineapple, coconut and passionfruit.

The Rose Villa Tavern: This is a classic bar that is also willing to satisfy all your mocktail needs. These are entitled ‘Softies’, but remember you are not soft; you are a strong independent student who can go a month without alcohol, even if I have to come and sew your mouth shut, so not one drop passes your lips. Anyway, they offer Softies, seven Softies.

These include Elderflower fizz (basically a sober Mojito), Sherbert Fountain, Tropical Boost and plenty more, which sound (almost) as good as their alcoholic equivalent. Maybe they're even better - have you ever sat there sipping your cocktail, thinking "Mmm this is yummy; however, it would be even better without that weird alcohol taste in the background"? Well, think no more, and enjoy a delicious mocktail instead.

University of Birmingham’s Event List

There are tons of non-boozy brilliant activities to get involved with. This is not only a perfect chance to steer clear of alcohol but also to make some friends removed from the drinking scene.

Gardening at Winterbourne on the 11th October means you can actually be putting your abundance of free time to good use and be planting something pretty.

There are always a ton of auditions to get involved with in Guild Drama: auditions this month include ‘Seasons of Love’ on the 13th. This is a brilliant chance to stay sober since you’ll be too busy stressing over learning lines and rehearsals to have the chance to think about having a drink.

My personal fave (which I shall definitely be getting myself along to) is the trip to the Harry Potter Studios on the 28th October! This is a magical (see what I did there?) day out, seeing how Harry Potter was made and seeing a ton of the props from the movies. The studios are incredible, and going with Uni of Birmingham means you’ll get cheap tickets and travel. That really is something to keep your mind off the booze, since you’ll be too much in wonder to think of anything else.

If none of these tickles your fancy, definitely check out the Guild’s website since they constantly pop on new events, many of which stay clear of alcohol.

Join a Society

Believe me, I am aware that some societies can involve a lot of drinking (especially the sports clubs), but you can still join a society and avoid this month's socials. So you can always go along to the society meetings, which will keep your mind off drinking since being in a society can be a big commitment.

You could join Nightline, which is a 24-hour helpline run by students and meets every other week to discuss it. Each Nightliner has shifts throughout the term in which they’ll listen to people’s problems. So instead of being sick on yourself, you’ll be helping other students.

You could join something fun like the Harry Potter society who watch the films, have quizzes and even play Quidditch, with not a spot of booze in sight. Your best bet for a sober society is the Tea Society whose idea (and mine to be fair) of a good time is sitting around with friends having lots of tea and biscuits. This sounds blooming good to me and will keep your mind off that filthy liquid and on a sweet hot cup of tea.

Go to the cinema or bowling or dinner

Okay, I know these are stupidly simple, but here is the reason: Imagine this, you and your friends are out all day, perhaps doing a little shopping and then taking a trip to the cinema or bowling. At the cinema you get an Iceblast and popcorn (if you don’t there is something seriously wrong with you) and at bowling you finish with a milkshake. Feeling peckish after? Why not make it to a classic place to fill your hungry stomachs: Nandos, Five Guys and Pizza Express will always be my first choices. After dropping all that money and having a very busy day neither you nor your bank account would want to go out drinking anyway. Hence why it’s a pretty good way to keep you sober.

There are plenty of ways to avoid booze this October. There is a range of activities that’ll mean you won’t even get a chance to think about alcohol. So good luck, and remember guys Stay Sober for October!

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