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Uni Life #1.

After being at university for a few weeks, I guess it would be good to keep a diary of how I’m doing and such, and also gives me the opportunity to see what everyone else is up to. :) They say that high school years are the best of your life, but if you willingly accept a lifetime of debt, you can go to University. And THOSE years are going to be the best years of your life. Let me just run off a few things I’ve noticed in this short time.

• The first year is really not as difficult as it sounded (For now/Course depending)

I’m studying applied sciences, and so far, it’s a fairly relaxed experience. The lecturers explain the topics clearly, and the buildings are all in a close-ish proximity to each other. I can just relax and take notes when I please in a lecture. There isn’t a mountain of paperwork to do, and it’s a relief.

  • Although costly, going out on the town is incredible. (Preference/City Depending)

I’ve never danced so much in this past month before in my entire life. I should have a tattoo that says,
“Hi, my name is Double Vodka and Redbull.” The walk home at 3AM is a killer, but most definitely worth it for the nights I’ve had. If you make eye contact in a club in Newcastle, there’s at least a 60% chance you’ll make a connection with that person, even if it’s for a few seconds.

• The Poly vs Posh rivalry pub crawl was actually great.

Ah, Northumbria vs Newcastle University. Celtic vs Rangers. Spurs vs Arsenal. Newcastle vs Sunderland. Always interesting derbies. Except the pub crawl had the rivals bonding instead of trying to kick each others heads off. It started to rain while waiting to get into a club. I had a spare shirt, so I held it above my head for shelter. Within 20 seconds, it was fully stretched out, and a mixture of both Poly/Posh students were huddled underneath, bantering on with each other. By the end of the night, no one really cared what colour your shirt was. It was quite beautiful to see, really.

• Eat4Less is going to be the death of me.

Not because I’ve seen two fights in one already, but because a double bacon cheese burger, fries, and a drink for £2.99 can’t be good for you. It’s probably pumped with flavoured polystyrene. Anyone ever been? Tell me what you think in the comments!

• 9AM Lectures should be abolished.

Does this even need explaining? You know when a lecturer says they shouldn’t be a thing, it’s serious.
⚜️Anyway, that’s it for this post! If you got to this point, I really appreciate you reading through that. Have a nice day, feel free to leave a like and comment. ⚜️