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Side Income for Students - Amazon FBA
Hey everyone, hope your all excited to start uni in September. Just wanted to share a great opportunity for people to take advantage of and learn before September starts. We all know that money can be an issue sometimes and part time jobs seem enticing when things get difficult.
However, in April I came across Amazon FBA from taking a course online that has been made by a very young and successful entrepreneur Tanner J Fox (look him up on YouTube). The course teaches you how to sell in demand products on Amazon by sourcing them from China. It seems simple at first but I bought his course for a safety net if things weren't working for me.
The course does have a one time cost or a payment plan of 2 payments of $497 however this can be a great investment for your 3 years at uni.
If your interested please have a look at the course below and Tanner's YouTube for more information. Also anyone who enrolls in the course I will be giving my 1 to 1 support via email. Thanks guys/girls!
Course Link - http://ryanbusinessgt.amazoned.zaxaa.com/s/27590649046552
Tanner's YouTube - www.youtube.com/tannerjfox