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The Table Cafe: A safe space for students in Cardiff

Nestled in the heart of Cathays is a small, friendly, family-run café which does more than just sell cappuccinos.

The Table is actually set in a converted church, on the corner of Pentyrch Street. The plinth is still there, as are the lovely stained-glass windows - it's not your normal coffee shop setting at all. Their variety of coffees are great (the deluxe hot chocolate is particularly to die for) and come in funky receptacles, like chemistry beakers. Their food is also fantastic, with delicious lunches that aren’t too pricey; but the real crowning jewel is their delicious range of home-made cakes. The lemon drizzle sent me to heaven and back, appropriately.

As amazing as the cafe's catering is, that’s not what makes this place cool. The Table is a designated ‘safe space’, somewhere where people struggling with mental health conditions, or who just want company and a chat, can go. The owners are lovely and will remember your name, even if you’ve only been once. They love hosting students in need of somewhere to work and are always happy to sit down with you and have a conversation.

The Table also hosts a ‘Repair Café’ on certain Saturdays, meaning you can bring whatever broken thing you have, whether it be a torn jumper or a busted iron, and people with expertise will be there to fix it for free. This café has the heart for the community, not for profit and is a lovely place to support as opposed to your usual high-street Costa.

The Table is open 8 am - 5 pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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