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One of the best books to read this #BlackHistoryMonth

Some of you may not know this as it isn't very well published in the UK but it's actually Black History Month. October is Black History month in the UK, an annual series of events and a celebration of the contribution that black people have made to the history of this country.

An article recently written by Stephanie Yeboah has recommendations for the hottest reads this month to celebrate Black History Month. One of her picks was the highly acclaimed book called Homegoing. Stephanie gave her opinion on Homegoing as:

"An epic novel set in my homeland of Ghana, beginning with two African sisters who experience life during the slave trade in different ways: one is taken as a wife by a white Englishman and remains in Ghana; the other is sold into slavery in America. The novel follows the descendants of the sisters as they grow up on two different continents over the next 300 years. Moving and haunting, Homegoing is a compelling story that takes us further along the road of understanding who we are."