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If Anglia Ruskin University students belonged to a Game of Thrones house, it would be...


Why are ARU students most like House Tyrell of Highgarden (one of the Greatest Houses of Westeros) you ask?

We’re a big family

Especially when it comes to fellow course mates, we look out for each other like family, much like how Olenna looks out for Loras and Margaery. Although, would we seek out revenge for each other?

We’re very accepting

Yes, ARU is accepting - if you don't believe it, look out for the bathroom poster made by our transgender society that's travelling around Facebook. We are diverse in race, gender, sexuality, and so much more. With Loras being gay in a judgemental society, the Tyrells do their best to protect him. And that is exactly what ARU students are like – protective of those who are different.


Like Margaery Tyrell, we will do anything it takes to succeed (maybe not marry three times, though). But we often work so hard that we get majorly stressed out and ‘explode’ (excuse the pun).


We have a subtle competition with the University of Cambridge, much like how Margaery is in competition with Cersei Lannister. But I don’t think Cambridge would go so far as to blow us up though... would they...?

"Growing Strong"

Students at ARU get constant support from tutors, the SU, and a whole host of others - we are constantly pushed to become our best selves. Like the Tyrell sigil states, we're "Growing Strong".

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