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How to go sober for October in Lincoln

Being sober at Uni can be a difficult thing. It can seem as though everywhere you go there is another temptation! But raising money by going ‘Sober for October’ is an amazing thing, and temptation shouldn’t stand in your way. There are lots of options for alcohol-free activities and nights out where you won’t be so tempted or non-alcoholic alternatives that will make it easier to get by!

Go to live music events

Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to spend time in a club listening to a DJ when you’re sober. But live music is a whole different ballgame. Watching a band or a solo performer you enjoy is a wonderful experience and you don’t need alcohol to enjoy it. The Engine Shed on campus has a great selection of live music including Coasts and Akon this month!

Get active

While you’re cutting out alcohol, you may as well double-down on the health benefits and take the time to get active! Why not fill your evenings with a new gym class at Total Fitness, like Body Combat or Zumba? Or take up hot yoga (available at The Fitness Space on the Brayford), or a new sport? Exercise can relieve stress and anxiety and improve your mood, without a hangover the next morning!

Take in the culture

If you’re not in the mood to improve your body, why not improve your mind? The Usher Gallery and The Collection are both free to visit and contain hundreds of exhibits to keep your brain engaged.

As well as this, Frequency Festival is coming to Lincoln later this month, with exhibits and installations all over the city, most of which are totally free to visit! All are great ways to stay occupied when the going gets tough.

Drink mocktails

If you’re really craving a night out, why not go out for mocktails? You can get a variety of mocktails in Electric Bar, Revs, and Slug and Lettuce, all of which taste so good you might not even notice they don’t have any alcohol in them. Best of all, you can have as many as you like without worrying about how you’re going to make it home!

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