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I’ve been searching for ….

We're on fire this summer and have already got more features to share with you!

There has been a trend lately where people are looking for something. Looking for friends, looking for jobs, looking for their course mates, and even looking for the meaning of life. To make it easier to find all the answers we overhauled our search algorithm.

That’s right! Try and search now for that missed connection from a night long long ago… Or maybe not. Now it is easier to find people, channels, and content on Campus! So go on and give it a spin! What’s the most random thing you can find?

Don’t know what it is that you are exactly looking for? We’ve covered that as well by introducing Categories on Explore. Tagged channels are now featured by category which we can switch up to keep things interesting. To start things off we covered the basics!

Have you checked out our Blogger Network?  There are some great blogs out there created by students like you! You can find student blogs all in one place.

And that’s not all! We #finally #fixed #hashtags! You can click one (and search!) and find everything tagged with the same hashtag so you can keep up with the latest and most popular discussion topics ranging from #Boreholes to #ListeningSkills to #SigmundFreud.


Oh, by the way, if you’re experiencing problems on the desktop since the new update, try clearing your browser cache to force and update.

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