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These are the most famous people to go to UWE.

When thinking of UWE, its notable alumni may not be one of the first things to cross your mind, but this certainly does not mean we don’t have any. UWE has a range of celebrity alumni, from comedians, political figures, World renowned Olympic athletes, and even royalty – yes, seriously. Lady Davina Lewis, 28th in line of succession to the British throne, attended UWE for a degree in Media Studies. Unfortunately, this is the extent of what we know about her time at UWE.

Bear Grylls

Before joining Uni, Bear would much rather have been out with friends rather than sat at home studying. However, while on a trekking expedition around the Himalayas, he decided he wanted to join the MI5 and was going to need a degree, so Bear studied Spanish and German at UWE. While at UWE, he and his friend decided they wanted to join the 21 SAS Regiment – he passed the tests, and this got him where he is today. You could say that without his time at UWE, he may never have been the Bear Grylls everyone knows and enjoys watching today.

Miranda Hart

Miranda initially wished to study stage management at UWE, but her parents convinced her that Politics was the better way to go. Despite studying a subject which wasn’t her preferred choice, she still managed to leave UWE with a 2:1 in Political Science. Surprisingly, compared to the confident and bubbly Miranda that she is on TV, she was incredibly shy throughout her Uni years.

Russell Howard

After listening to Russell Howard, it's undeniable where he comes from - he is a Bristolian through and through. He studied Economics at UWE and achieved a 2:1, although he was only 1% off a first. Russell’s true love was always comedy, and he used to spend his free time going to student comedy gigs - looks like it paid off!

Pete Reed

The three-time Olympic gold medal winner Pete Reed began his rowing career at UWE. Reed took up rowing as a hobby in his 2nd year while he was studying mechanical engineering. It was his goal to become a naval engineer, but little did he know that his hobby would then become so much more. He went on to become a successful boat club president, and eventually, to represent Britain in the 2008 Olympics. Without Reed’s time at UWE, Britain could have been three medals short.

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