2 weeks ago

October 09, 2017


Dear 16 year old Emma,

Its future you here, just popping in to see how you are, and to give you a quick little warning for the year ahead. I don’t know how to put this, but your last year of high school will be awful. Honestly it will be horrific. Raging hormones are not something I would ever want to experience again. BUT… you will also learn so many important lessons from this year, and looking back on it now I wouldn’t change any of it.

First of all let’s talk about boys, as seen as this is the pretty much the only thing you have on your mind right now. Listen, at 16 boys are not interested in how intelligent, funny or charismatic you are. They pretty much only see girls as things with boobs on. They are therefore not worth your time, energy or tears (like that time you were hysterical in the middle of Tesco because you fancied the boy who served you and your mum). You are so much better than him (especially when he still works on the tills now) and any other boy that made you feel heartbroken. You do not need to waste your time, especially when your prince charming comes along next year and sweeps you off your feet. Although you are a strong confident woman who don’t need no man, he makes you (and still does 4 years later) feel beautiful every day. He will make you realise that you are a self-assured young woman, who deserves SO much better than silly boys who don’t return texts.

As well as boys, I know you’re struggling with flaky friends right now. I can tell you that you are much better off without them. When you decide to be independent and venture to sixth form, rather than to follow the crowd to college, you will meet some of your lifelong best friends. Quality over quantity is definitely true here. Having a couple of close friends who you can confide anything in, are much better than a massive group of people you don’t trust. Besides, going to Sixth Form without the distraction of drama from your old group will help you get incredible A-Levels. You might not think you have it in you, but you end up going to one of the best universities in the UK, studying something you actually have a passion for (and meeting some more of those lifelong friends)

Finally, let’s talk about Mum. I know you think she’s too strict, moans too much and nags constantly (sometimes she still does, I think that’s just a mum thing). But if you try to filter the ‘mum’ stuff out, she could be your best friend. If you can bring your rebellious self to do it, just tidy your bedroom and avoid the argument. I can guarantee you’ll get along much better. I know you can’t wait to move out, but please enjoy the time you have at home and appreciate that you don’t have to do your own ironing or make your own dinner. Mums are a special thing, they are the only people who will be truly honest about how you look in that dress, don’t wish her away! (She also lets you get a dog next year, get on her good side).

I’ll wrap this up now because I know your attention span is short. Although you are struggling with your self-esteem right now, confidence comes with the people you surround yourself with. And in time, you will have an incredible group people around you, who will boost you up rather than drag you down. You will bloom into a happy and accomplished young woman, who can do anything you set your mind to.

Just get through this year and I promise it only gets better!

Lots of Love,

20 year old Emma.

P.S. For goodness sake discover YouTube’s make-up tutorials. Eyeliner that stretches half way across your face NEVER looked good.