1 week ago

Bigger Audience, Bigger Post

Approximately 6 months ago, I made a post about staying positive and using our community to make a difference and it got a big response, but since then campus have grown massively in size and I feel the message needs to be amplified and shared again.

Everyday we meet, greet, chat, share and laugh with each other, with people around us and with people we love but we don't think about the impact that those small interactions have. How every laugh creates a smile, how every hello is a new start, how every share is new knowledge gained but what if all that was to disappear...

What if everyone we met forgot who we were, or every hello meant another goodbye, no more shares, no more laughter and we lose the ability to speak or communicate. If it was just us, alone, who would we be?

How would you describe yourself, if you were no longer a mother, father, daughter, son, cousin or friend? If you were left on earth standing completely alone, who would you be?

Now many of you would struggle to answer that question because in reality we are never alone. In modern times we can communicate with someone over 10,000 miles away in a second with just the touch of a button, or share a picture to the world without even considering for a second what people will think say or do. But how many of us, can sit there and say we use this power for good... it's one thing building a community like campus society and meet new people, share stories, pictures and jokes but how many of us actually go out to help others day to day.

On every social networking site in the world there is the ability to block, remove or ban someone, now unless they're a part of your physical life that one button can technically remove them from your world, your own bubble and life you've created for yourself.

But ask yourself this, why is that button even necessary?

Why do we need to block people? Why do we need to remove those we feel are negative in our lives, or those who cause trouble? Surely it would be easier if everyone just got along, didn't make nasty comments or hurt each other.

As students we are learning every day, we learn new knowledge of our subjects but we also learn how to grow. We learn life skills, communications skills, how to be independent, our limits, our hopes, our fears, our dreams, and how close we can get to them in reality but we also teach others, whether it be knowingly or not. Some teach quite literally... formal teaching being through tutors, teachers, lecturers, youth workers, social workers, or even helping someone with homework and others which is probably 90% of everyone here teaches informally. We share recipes, positive lessons, stories, open each others eyes to new religions, new ways of life, raising awareness but we also teach each other hate, spite, aggression and greed. We have been taught to support one another but also fight for ourselves because in this world we need to.

Campus Society has around 500,000 members globally, we have the power to spread all those positive things in a matter of seconds yet every day I still see drama, arguments, hate, stress and people putting each other down. Everyday I see people saying they're different or better because they come from here, studied here, were brought up this way, that way and in reality, none of that matters. Anyone can succeed and anyone has the right to live how they want without being judged or harmed for it, instead of writing that negative comment, walk away or say something positive.

I'm happy to say it's rare on Campus but on every social media site theres hate speech, videos of people hurt, posts or comments bitching about others but why do we do it? Does it make people feel clever? Big? Better? Does it make your life worth anymore after putting someone else down? If the answer is yes to any of those questions then maybe you need to look a little deeper into your own life to find out why.

Each and every person here has the power to make a difference, whether it's saying hello to the new student who hasn't made a friend yet, asking if someone needs help with an assignment, giving to charity, supporting a friend with a society, spreading a positive message or just not making that one snide comment you're so desperate to make.

Students are the future of this world, someday a student studying right now, whether it's infant school or university, our future prime minister, president, leader is a student and is learning. So teach them something positive, teach every person out there who doubts our generation, our passion and our drive that we can do it, we can succeed and we are a force to be reckoned with.

As we grow we are unstoppable, we are knowledgeable and we have the power to do what we want and be what we want and no one can stop us.

I don't care if you comment or share this post, if it makes people leave my blog then so be it... but for those of you who do read this or have ever had someone tell you that you're not good enough, you're not special or you don't deserve to be happy, tell them to shove their opinions where the sun doesn't shine.