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Eating out in Bournemouth -

In terms of cost-effective eating out in Bournemouth, there’s not a massive choice of places😂 but I can highly recommend ,,Norwegian Wood’’ - it’s a cafe a little outside of Bournemouth town centre.
It’s super cheap, but the portions are huge and the food is really good quality! There are quite a few veg options and the atmosphere is great👌
For something a little fancier, would recommend ,,Le Petit Prince’’ in Westbourne (about a 20min walk from the town centre) - it’s an artisan bakery/cafe that is absolutely super and a little bit pricey, but good for a treat - a meal generally costs about £8-10
There’s a vegan cafe called ,,Mad Cucumber’’ which has a really good range of different foods and is very central, but is a little on the expensive side for a cafe😬
If you want a proper restaurant for an okay price, I’d highly recommend ,,the Real Greek’’ or ,,Franco Manca’’ - neither are local, but the prices are decent and the food’s really good
Again in Westbourne, ,,Spanish Taste’’ has very good food and isn’t /too/ expensive
And there’s always Spoons😂
(have lived near Bournemouth for 11 years)