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Things to do as a group in Edinburgh.


Whether you are still reuniting with your Uni friends after summer, or want some fun ice-breakers activities to get to know your new flatmates better, I have you covered. Here are some things to do as a group in Edinburgh.


Release your inner child at the Midlothian Snow Sports Centre. Who needs to be on holiday with those inflatable flamingos when you can slide down a slope on an inflatable doughnut with all your friends for a tenner?

Open on weekends only - 1pm-5pm Fridays, and 10am-5pm Saturdays and Sundays (last ticket sale 4 pm). £10.20 per person.

Climb Arthur's Seat

This is a classic 'must do' with your flatmates/new Uni friends when you're new to Edinburgh. It's one of the best ways to feel like you've explored your new city, isn't as hard as it looks, and you can get a class group photo at the top. Plus, it's totally free.

Tackle The Escape Rooms

"Locked in a mystery room with 60 minutes to get out" - The escape rooms, located in Haymarket and New Town (to name a few), are the perfect activity to get you out of your bedrooms and mingling on a rainy day. Loved by workers for a fun way to team build.

Find more information on Escape Edinburgh here: https://www.escapeteambuilding.co.uk/

Visit Maison De Moggy

Missing your pets back home already? Why not go to Edinburgh's cat cafe, full of fluffy cuteness and tasty snacks, for a different kind of coffee catch-up. Make sure to book online before you go, and be aware that the maximum group number is six people.

Book here: http://maisondemoggy.com/product/online-booking-copy/

Trampolining at RHYZE

If you're from a small town like I am, the thought of a room with trampolines for floors and a giant pit of foam to dive into is a pretty exciting one. Such a good group activity for a laugh, a break from studying, and a work-out. It costs £10 for one hour or £15 for two, or you can book in group bundles.

Find out more at: http://www.ryzeedinburgh.com/

What do you love to do as a group in Edinburgh?

Let me know in the comments below!

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