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Achtung! Films every German student needs to watch

Studying German has its perks: the minimal contact hours, the year abroad with its wealth of fun cultural experiences, the phenomenal food (like, seriously, German cuisine is mind-blowing; in Britain, it is just overshadowed by French and Italian influences and by stupid prejudices)! One thing that people rarely associate with Germany is great cinema. But perhaps we should. There are some amazing German films out there.

If you're a student of German, many of these probably won't come as any kind of a surprise to you, but still, here is a short list of films worth checking out!

Goodbye, Lenin!

This 2003 cult-classic directed by Wolfgang Becker is the learn-about-the-fall-of-the-GDR film. With a masterful mix of light-hearted comedy and tragic family situations caused by the cataclysmic change of regime in 1989/90, using real news footage from the time of the Wiedervereinigung, this film truly is worth watching. Just bear in mind that you'll probably end up watching it a million times if you study it!

Drei Männer im Schnee

The quintessential Austrian Christmas film, this 1955 classic charts a series of too-ridiculous-to-be-true events. Full of laughs, over-the-top characters and memorable lines, this film will warm your heart!

Der Untergang

Unsurprising that this is on the list. It's hard to avoid Germany's dark past, and this film powerfully captures one of the most significant hours in that history: the final defeat, surrender and suicide of Hitler in his underground bunker. With a stunningly unhinged performance from Bruno Ganz, surrounded by a cast of outstanding German performers, this is chilling but worth watching.

Schwere Jungs

More of a light-hearted one, this 2006 Christmas flick is the Bavarian answer to Cool Runnings - the tale of four friends from humble beginnings seeking to take their place in the bobsledding history books. Based on a true story from the 1952 Oslo Olympics, this film is utterly delightful. It's well worth a watch when you're tucked up on a winter's evening!

Those are my suggestions, can you think of any others? Share them below!

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