5 months, 1 week ago

How to Proactively Make The Most of Your Summer

Breaks are VITAL, especially for us students with our hard lives. Now, I enjoy temporary freedom from the structured joys of lectures, tutorials, seminars and labs as much as anyone else... Bring on the Xbox, obligatorily binge-watching great shows like Westworld, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones (granted normal single episode consumption if up to date unlike me) or just having 'doing nothing days' to give your brain a rest. However what if we found time for ocassional bouts of proactiveness?

That is what I will challenge myself to do. After finishing up the usual part time job stuff, I would still have a month or two left, so applied for two great programmes with Forward UK and the US Embassy respectively. This is new territory to some extent, nonetheless still feels very much for me like the right next steps to be proactive.

I am going to blog about these personal/professional development experiences: the TuWezeshe Fellowship at Hillcroft College then the Jo Cox Memorial Exchange in America. Looking forward to going into more detail on each of them, sharing key insights from a lesson learnt here and there plus, hopefully inspiring you to decide how to proactively make the most of your summer!

#SummerBloggin 1502488993847.jpg 1 - Upon arrival thumbing through the lovely prospectus in a cute room which almost makes me miss my time in halls